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STTV Videos Review

"1st Vignette: I liked the introduction very much, and how various ideas were introduced that could be playing in the background of my mind for the rest of the show: camera being a ..." Read full

John Harper

STTV Live Show Review

"I enjoy very much. I am so happy our children new generation so smart and wonderful."

Isabella Anton

"It is a well written play, Nate and Anzi are very talented."

Alexandre Isaac

"I really enjoyed the play yesterday, it was thought provoking and Nate’s talents on those musical instruments really shined in this play. Congratulations on his debut and wish him ..." Read full

Diyang Zheng

"I don’t remember all the episodes. Here are a few that come to mind. Good episodes: Talking head on the screen with man on the couch (Vignette 3: At Home), Come to Brazil (Vignette..." Read full

Ivan Gjaja

"As a performer in the theatre and musical theatre for many years I always felt I wanted to entertain the audience as well as educate them; leaving them knowing something they did n..." Read full

LuAnn Leonard

"Not long ago, a couple of months ago, I and my friends had the pleasure of discovering a young arrival - Nate Sassoon. Nate is a talented musician, in his young age - already a pia..." Read full

Ellie Mushinska

"Gotham Blackbox’s recent production of Sentenced To This Vessel, an original play by Anzi Debenedetto and Nate Sassoon, tells stories at once both familiar and foreign, even to tho..." Read full

Sagar Rao

"Half-Russian descent (Nate Sassoon) and half-Chinese descent (Anzi DeBenedetto) co-created and performed the two-person show "Sentenced to this Vessel", which combines music and pe..." Read full

Rong Xiao Qing, Sing Tao Daily

"On October 30, 2021, at 3 pm and 7 pm, two audiences of about 180 people sat in the very traditional Theatre at St. Jean– red velour seats, doric columns, a hint of dusty air, and ..." Read full

Annie Abramczyk

"I enjoyed the deeply thought provoking inquires into the aspirations as well as struggles of two super talented up-and-coming gen-z artists!"

Minhua Zhang

"I want to share my impressions of the performance "Sentenced to this Vessel" which was shown on Oct 30, 2021. Two young artists Anzi DeBenedetto and Nate Sassoon jointly created th..." Read full

Anna Ermolaeva

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